Pastor’s eNote: Epiphany Wisdom Part 2

This is a meditation for those taking the Epiphany Wisdom 2021 message from Pastor Theresa to heart and “practicing your thinking” in order to bring Jesus centered outcomes your life. Read the following refresher on what it takes to build solid relationships from Romans 14:1-23, via The Message paraphrase. Cultivating Good Relationships 14 Welcome with … [Read more…]

Pastor’s eNote: The View Atop the Wire

We are all balancing best we can as we try to get through this time. Like a high wire walker, the only firm footing we can find is a mere fraction of what we used to enjoy. It’s easy to lose balance and waver. We try hard to right ourselves and not fall. But looking … [Read more…]

Pastor’s eNote: Shake the Dust!

[Does it feel like opposition is growing even among Christians? Having a hard time dealing with the growing opposition on social media? It’s a tough time to be a shining light for Christ. But Jesus knew we would face opposition and he gave instruction about how to handle it.] Jesus had no illusions about the … [Read more…]