Pastor’s eNote: I AM Your Neighbor

In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus addressed grace and social responsibility by talking about the dangers of traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho, something well understood by the hearer. But this parable is the response to two questions, not one, and that second question reveals a guilty conscience. First the man asked, “what must … [Read more…]

Pastor’s eNote: What Condition is Your “Unconditional Love” in?

I love images that tell a story and this drawing shows a difficult discussion in progress. We have to have difficult discussions sometimes, don’t we? Learning how to communicate effectively especially during stormy seasons is important. You see furrowed brows, genuine interest and patience as one listens intently to what the other is saying, the … [Read more…]

Pastor’s eNote: An Easter to Remember

“Do this in remembrance of me.” Jesus Remembering is very important, according to Scripture. According to “Word Counts” the word the original language translates to our word “remember” appears in the NIV Old Testament 130 times and 36 times in the New Testament. What are some of the passages you remember that feature “remember”? Here … [Read more…]

Pastor’s eNote: Ever Again, Lord

Today’s devotion takes a look at post Easter Christians, the first and today.It can be hard to know whether friends in the congregation are really alright during a pandemic. When the only interaction you have is an occasional text message or post on facebook it is easy to lose connection. We were created for relationship … [Read more…]