Pastor’s eNote: A Very Tense Year in America

It is written, we are indeed “in this together” but how often do we acknowledge that what we are in is a struggle? And we’re either part of the solution, or feeding the problem.

I watched a youtube video. It was fascinating.

It was a Christian filmmaker’s doc about the incredible divide in America, lack of open minds, people falling on one side or the other … totally polarized; you’re either fully supporting government without question and behind every tic and tiddle because they’d never do anything not in our best interest, or you’re suspicious for good reason because your individual freedom is on the line and you’re sick of it and refuse to take it anymore. Much ranker is rooted in the status quo and socialism vs. capitalism.

Young adults aren’t happy with their parents’ and grandparents’ generations decisions that brought them to where they are in the world. They want to be free to make their own decisions and care about the world and really be connected…for real…to their neighbors and neighborhood. They know what’s wrong with the world and they’re going to fix it. One said on camera “there are people who have lived in the same house for more than 20 years and have no idea who their neighbors are”. They do not like the disconnect and they want a revolution. The political structure needs to be restructured so the people have complete control over any institution that effects them. Reality is polarized to the point unity is impossible. The church is seeing people searching, Jesus turning the world right side up, if we’ll let him. A resurgence in resetting priorities and opportunities to reach these younger generations in new ways! But it starts with a self reboot.

There is a need for rebirth in the church to recommit to the Great Commission beyond its walls.Many speak out against the church and society because of the lost-ness in their own souls. “Groping for answers” about God, turning to drugs, sex, intellectualism, materialism…not always though. At least some of them once looked to the church, to their parents, an example to follow, a faith to live by. Many of them desperately want the reality of faith. As never before Christians face inescapable responsibilities and unprecedented opportunities. “We dare not take a passive attitude about the world….not when it’s spiritual lethargy vs dynamic commitment”.

The documentary is titled “Confrontation” and it was filmed in 1968 available on David Hoffman’s youtube channel. Yes the content is as old as I am and people talking are my parents’ and grandparent’s generations. Sometimes we need to be able to glimpse their time in context and hear their own words from the young, energetic faces.

Humility hits when you realize how much time you spent talking to your friends about how the older generation just doesn’t get you…when, hypocrite, you didn’t know what they were talking about.

I love to be challenged and have been blessed with the strange sense to be comforted by it. 😶