Praying in Color

I was reminded today of the very neat expression of prayer called “Praying in Color’ and wanted to share it with you!

Why Pray in Color?

1) You want to pray but words escape you.

2) Sitting still and staying focused in prayer are a challenge.

3) Your body wants to be part of your prayer.

4) You want to just hang out with God but don’t know how.

5) Listening to God feels like an impossible task .

6) Your mind wanders and your body complains.

7) You want a visual, concrete way to pray.

8) You Need a new way to pray.

You simply take a coloring page, and you may have some already, and pray intercessory prayers while coloring. You don’t have to complete the page in one sitting. You may go to it as people and needs come to mind and pray in color through the week, month, up to you.

Here’s an example from of a project in progress…

And here is a link for a printable of the template above for you to pray in color!

To learn more about Praying in Color and find lots of resources like books and DVD’s, visit

[Thank you, Kim, for the reminder! Excellent addition to our resources!]