Online Study: Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table by Louie Giglio

You are invited to join me and a small group of friends Wednesday evenings during Lent to dig deeply into the excellent book written by Louie Giglio, “Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table”. The season of Lent is meant for reflection and this book is not a traditional choice but, for me, … [Read more…]

Youth Pizza Study Dates and Details

Like the Youth Pizza Study Facebook Page YOUTH PIZZA STUDY held in conjunction with The Chosen Sunday. Our youth group for grades 7-12 will have pizza at 5pm on the dates below and prepare to watch that night’s featured episode. We will use The Chosen: An Interactive Bible Study for Season 1 booklet (free, required for each … [Read more…]

Mission InSite Report follow up to equip the church coming June 28th

From the State College District Office: STATE COLLEGE DISTRICT LISTENING SESSIONS FOR LAITY AND CLERGYAs we live into our vision in the State College District to Encourage, Equip, Empower, Everyone to Reach, Teach and Serve we need your input! Many of our churches have discovered during Mission InSite studies, we often make assumptions about how … [Read more…]

This Week’s Announcements

The Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course scheduled for October has been postponed to January 21-22, 2022.  Course topics such as servant and spiritual leadership, caring ministries, basic communication skills, sharing your faith and leading meetings will enhance your knowledge and skill as a leader.  This course is not designed to prepare you to preach. Those … [Read more…]

Pastor’s eNote: An Easter to Remember

“Do this in remembrance of me.” Jesus Remembering is very important, according to Scripture. According to “Word Counts” the word the original language translates to our word “remember” appears in the NIV Old Testament 130 times and 36 times in the New Testament. What are some of the passages you remember that feature “remember”? Here … [Read more…]

January 10, 2021 Worship

This week’s Order of Worship/Bulletin | Children’s Activities In person worship with COVID-19 Safety Plans in place offered at Trinity UMC in Woodward at 8:30am, St. James UMC in Coburn at 9:45am and Sprucetown UMC in Potters Mills at 11am. [Spring Mills Faith remains closed.] ANNOUNCEMENTS: Adam Hamilton’s book Words of Life: Jesus and the … [Read more…]

Devotional: The Hope of Christmas

ABOUT THE DEVOTIONAL For too many people, Christmas has become a long to-do list that leaves them weary and wishing for Dec. 26. In this series of messages, Pastor Rick Warren wants to help you remember the reason you celebrate Christmas and why it should change not just the way you celebrate the holidays but … [Read more…]

November 29, 2020 Worship – 1st Sunday of Advent

If you would like to prepare your own Advent candles for worship, it’s very easy to do. Choose votive candles, tealights or any candles you have. Place four candles on any decorative plate and put it in a safe place for use during worship. Have your candle lighter or matches nearby and a safe means … [Read more…]

Advent Series: Where We Belong

Printable 2020 Advent Prayers Calendar – Prayers and acts of prayer daily bring the season into sharper focus. Share with friends and family! As Christ came to dwell among us, we too seek a place to dwell. You are welcome at any and all of our churches! Advent and Christmas are a sort of homecoming. … [Read more…]

“The Social Dilemma” Follow Up & The Faith Component

The Social Dilemma is available now on Netflix. If you have the service, please watch the documentary. Anyone who has seen the doc may attend to view extra content and discuss the mental health, democracy and discrimination dilemmas as well as the way forward via the presentation below that also offers our faith component, hosted … [Read more…]