Spring Mills Faith UMC

We are open for in person worship!

Randy Muthersbaugh serves the pulpit at Faith UMC.  Randy is a member of Faith, formerly a member of Tusseyville Bethany UMC which closed in 2018.  God placed a call on his life and he is in the process of becoming a candidate for ministry.  Bishop Jeremiah Park confirmed Randy’s appointment to serve as a District Superintendent hire for consistent pulpit supply to Faith starting July 1, 2021 at the 2021 Annual Conference.  Randy and his wife, Sandy, welcome you to worship and grow in your faith this Sunday!

107 Two Steeples Lane, Spring Mills, PA  16875
Mailing address:  PO Box 211, Centre Hall, PA  16828

Facebook  |  YouTube  |  2022 Charge Conference Workbook for Oct. 26 2022 at Sprucetown

Listen to Pastor Theresa’s latest message by phone:  814-422-6238
Online worship:  Sundays 8:30am Facebook Live – Scripture & Message only and Family Service available online

Offerings may be mailed to Finance Chair, Kathy Eisenhuth, PO Box 15, Spring Mills, PA 16875-0015. 

Holy Communion the 1st Sunday of the Month

Senior Pastor Appointed to the Church:  Theresa M. Heiser, Pastor at theiser@susumc.org


Spring Mills Faith United Methodist Church officers for 2022

Lay Leader/Ad Council Chair          Kathy Eisenhuth

Treasurer                                         Jeffrey Breon

Trustees Chair                                 Russell Beaton

Finance Chair/Membership            Kathy Eisenhuth

Church Secretary                            Jeannette Breon   

Pianist                                             Beth Brown / Janet Zerby

Safe Sanctuaries Coordinator/Adv Kathy Eisenhuth

Trustees           Off in 2024                  Kathy Eisenhuth

                        Off in 2022                  Russell Beaton

SPRC Rep                                           Kathy Eisenhuth

SPRC Alt.                                            Russell Beaton

Audit Committee                               Russell Beaton, Kathy Eisenhuth

Penns Valley Charge SPRC meetings

1st Quarter:  Jan 19 2022 7pm at Sprucetown UMC
2nd Quarter: May 5, 2022 7pm at Trinity UMC, Woodward
3rd Quarter: September 21, 2022 at Spring Mills Faith UMC
4th Quarter:  October 24, 2022 at St. James UMC

Penns Valley United Methodist Charge Officers for 2022

Charge SPRC Chair                           Paula Smith (St. James Coburn)

Charge Treasurer                              Kathy Highbaugh  (St. James Coburn)

Charge Secretary                              Tawnya Childs  (Sprucetown)

Lay Member to Annual Conf.          Beth Brown (Sprucetown)

Lay Member to Annual Conf.          Randy Muthersbaugh (Faith)

Lay Member Alternate #1                Rosanna Mersinger  (St. James)

Lay Member Alternate #2                Kathy Highbaugh  (St. James)