Pastor’s eNote: How Jesus Teaches Us to Deal with Bullies

Jesus teaches us how to handle bullying by explaining the blessing our chosen traits and practices bring through the Sermon on the Mount. Bullies aren’t meek. They seek power. Yet the meek inherit the earth. That doesn’t make sense to the bully, does it? After all, meekness requires gratitude for what we have right now and understanding where absolutely everything comes from not to mention what authority we have, and have not. the following is from the article…

“His (Jesus’) instructions are completely different from the teachings of antibullyism. He doesn’t teach us that if we are victims, other people need to change. He puts responsibility entirely on us. He understood that human authorities cannot solve our social problems for us, and that if our remedy to feeling downtrodden is for other people to change, we have no solution.

Antibullyism teaches that we need to fight for antibullying laws, as though laws can force us to like and respect each other. Jesus is a fierce opponent of the legal approach to conflict. He makes this clear throughout the Sermon, repeatedly contrasting what the law tells us with his own instructions. In contrast to antibullyism, Jesus does not denounce bullies. He denounces hypocrites…”

Read on. This article is pretty good and may bring into focus where we all need to redirect our efforts in this time. Blessings!