Online Devo based on The Chosen with Pastor Theresa

Join Pastor Theresa for an at your own pace online devotional. This five day devotional is based on her favorite series right now, The Chosen! Start when you like, go at your own pace, read the pastor’s thoughts and share your own! Invite a friend to participate with you! Watch the absolutely engaging and well … [Read more…]

Pastor’s eNote: An Easter to Remember

“Do this in remembrance of me.” Jesus Remembering is very important, according to Scripture. According to “Word Counts” the word the original language translates to our word “remember” appears in the NIV Old Testament 130 times and 36 times in the New Testament. What are some of the passages you remember that feature “remember”? Here … [Read more…]

Online Devotion: Known, Finding Deep Friendships in a Shallow World

5 Day Devotion – God created us to value relationships above anything else—with God first and then with one another. Why do friendships make such a difference in our lives? How can we cultivate authentic relationships? We pray that through this devotional, you will have a deeper desire for true friendship as you understand in … [Read more…]