Pastor’s eNote: A Deeper Dive with David and Goliath

Read 1 Samuel 17  NRSV

In a recent message, I talked about the odd match up between David and Goliath.  Especially how the agile, youthful David rushes his way to the battle line while the lumbering giant Goliath is led to the line by an attendant.  There is so much conveyed in so few words that if you blink, you will miss a lot about the deeper meaning to this story.  When I first saw this TED Talk, it was the “a-ha” moment I’d been hoping for.  May it serve you well…

Now, once you wrap your head around that message about this not being an underdog story, ask yourself this; what would you, as King Saul, believe is happening when of all people in your armies it’s a young man (boy) who volunteers to take on the giant? We know that he reacted as a general, outfitting him with his own armor for protection, that is promptly put off because David didn’t want (need) it. But what would you, as King Saul, be doing as the volunteer makes his way to the battle line, not with your armor, but the same protection and skills that made it possible for David to put down “lion and bear”?

Perhaps a topic for a future TED Talk?

With hands to the plow,

Pastor Theresa