Pastor’s eNote: Shake the Dust!

[Does it feel like opposition is growing even among Christians? Having a hard time dealing with the growing opposition on social media? It’s a tough time to be a shining light for Christ. But Jesus knew we would face opposition and he gave instruction about how to handle it.] Jesus had no illusions about the … [Read more…]

Pastor’s eNote: A Very Tense Year in America

I watched a youtube video. It was fascinating. It was a Christian filmmaker’s doc about the incredible divide in America, lack of open minds, people falling on one side or the other … totally polarized; you’re either fully supporting government without question and behind every tic and tiddle because they’d never do anything not in … [Read more…]

Pastor’s eNote: Is An Open Mind Possible?

An open mind requires humility enough to ask “what if they’re right and I’m not?” And before the comments begin…I’m reflecting on the Bible study last night, week 3 of The Case for Easter. One of the most interesting points in last night’s study, for me, was “the criterion of embarrassment”. This is the idea … [Read more…]