September Series: We’ve Got SPIRIT!

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Start the new school year right with our message series based on a Pep Rally!  Each week focuses on a different part of the game!  Invite your friends, your family, your neighbors to the weeks that suits their interest!

Sept. 2 – “True Blue Fans Become Followers”  True Blue Fans focuses on the ones who come out and cheer on the team.  Some follow sports and some are fans.  What does it take to move from “Christ fan” to “Christ follower”?

Sept. 9 – “Cheerleaders, Mascots & the Marching Band”  They prepare for the game to lend support in an organized way!  The cheer squad, mascot and marching band offer their time and talent to build excitement for the fans that fuels the fire on the field.  How can you use your time and talent for Christ?

Sept. 17 – “Team PLAYERS” There is no “I” in “Team” and the players on the field know it.  Together, they win, lose or draw.  How does working hard as a team increase your faith as individuals?

Sept. 23 – “Called to COACH”  You’ve got a love of the game and a fire in your soul to bring the best out of every player and create a winning team.  But, you’ve got injured players, irate parents screaming at you, and fans offering unsolicited advice on how you’d improve your line.  The best defense is not to take offense.  Why Coaching, and Christian leadership…is a Calling.

Sept. 30 – “…it’s How You Play the GAME”  When we say “leave it all on the field” it means to give everything you’ve got, so you know when you walk off the field, regardless of what the scoreboard says, you know you played your best game.  “An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules.” Why 2 Timothy 2:5 doesn’t mention being crowned for “winning”.


Invite anyone you know who may appreciate each week’s message, tell them to wear whatever they want to, including Penns Valley or Penn State wear, bring your pom poms and your cowbells and let’s have fun!

It’s all to get set for Penns Valley’s Homecoming Parade Thursday, October 4th at the Grange Fairgrounds and the Homecoming Game Friday, October 5th (vs. the Pastor Theresa’s alma mater Bellefonte High) at 7pm.

From the one wearing blue AND red and rooting from the snack bar,

Pastor Theresa

: )