Trinity Woodward UMC

Join us for Sunday worship at 8:30am,
Communion Service 1st Sundays [Individual, prepackaged wafer and juice will be found with your bulletin in the pew.]

Small Group Study Sundays at 9:45am

Message by Phone:  814-422-6238
Online worship:  Sundays 8:30am Facebook Live – Scripture & Message only and Family Service available online

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224 Trinity Lane, Woodward, PA 16882
Mailing address: PO Box 157, Woodward, PA 16882

Offerings may be mailed to Trinity UMC, PO Box 157, Woodward, PA 16882

Theresa M. Heiser, Pastor
Phone:  814-883-9510
Pastor’s Mailing address:  PO Box 211, Centre Hall, PA  16828


Consider serving the church on a committee or as an officer.  View the officers list for 2021.  Questions?  Contact Pastor Theresa.

Penns Valley Charge Conference is Sunday, November 15, 2020 at Trinity UMC, Woodward. Full members of the church will vote for officers and pastoral compensation, and report approvals. Anyone may attend. Please wear a mask.

Upcoming Events:

Ladies Aide meets the first Tuesday of each month (September – May) at 6:30pm in the fellowship room unless otherwise noted in the bulletin.

Trustees/Ad Board Meetings are held the third Mondays in January, March, May, July, September, November at 7pm.

Penns Valley Charge SPRC meetings

1st Quarter:  Jan 14 2020 7pm at Sprucetown UMC
2nd Quarter: May 19th 7pm at St. James UMC, Coburn
3rd Quarter: September 22nd at 7pm at Faith UMC
4th Quarter: November 2nd 7pm at Trinity UMC, Woodward

Penns Valley United Methodist Charge Officers for 2020

Charge SPRC Chair      Molly Buchanan (Trinity)

Charge Treasurer        Kathy Highbaugh  (St. James Coburn)

Charge Secretary         Tawnya Childs  (Sprucetown)

Lay Member to Annual Conf.              Gary Sundy (Trinity)

Lay Member to Annual Conf.              Beth Brown (Sprucetown)

Lay Member Alternate #1                   Molly Buchanan  (Trinity)

Lay Member Alternate #2                   Kathy Highbaugh  (St. James)

Trinity Woodward United Methodist Church officers

Lay Leader/Liturgist                            Ron Fetzer

Treasurer                                            Julie Shaffer

Financial Secretary                             Peggy Huey

Church Council Chair                          Dave Atkins

Finance Chair                                      Ronald Fetzer

Church Council Secretary                   Arlene Fetzer

Safe Sanctuaries Coordinator/Adv.     Molly Buchanan

Trustees          Off in 2020                  Fred Ironside, Lester Vonada

Off in 2021                  Julie Shaffer, John Boob

Off in 2022                  Sam Derugen, Ron Fetzer

Charge SPRC   Off in 2020                  Ron Fetzer

Off in 2021                  Molly Buchanan

Off in 2022                  Alternate:  Dave Atkins

Audit Committee                                Dave Atkins, Dawn Vonada

Membership                                       Patty Derugen, Peggy Huey