What does Yellow Phase mean for us?

I’ve had several ask when the Penns Valley Charge churches will reopen for Sunday worship and adult small group study. NO ONE is more anxious to get back to church than the curly haired pastor! The answer to your question is, I don’t know. And as soon as “possible”.

Each board is considering the CDC Guidelines and the requirements from the state along with recommendations (not requirements) from the Bishop. Certainly, if we go to the green phase soon, we would open quickly. The yellow phase, however, has much to be figured out before worship could be offered in person. The limitation of 25 people or less, sharing restrooms, sanitation requirements, and other considerations really make it tough to open at all, let alone quickly. And the form of praise and worship and small groups would be nothing like before.

Rest assured that we are working diligently to ensure that we open when we are able and in the meantime offer to you the resources and opportunities for meaningful praise and worship and Christian education.Please lift our church, community, servant leaders, and all who work daily to ensure our health and safety. And ask God to make a way. Amen.

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