“The Social Dilemma” Follow Up & The Faith Component

The Social Dilemma is available now on Netflix. If you have the service, please watch the documentary. Anyone who has seen the doc may attend to view extra content and discuss the mental health, democracy and discrimination dilemmas as well as the way forward via the presentation below that also offers our faith component, hosted by Pastor Theresa.

Please use this discussion packet if you wish to follow along with the discussion. The discussion packet INCLUDES the last four pages of resources for FAMILIES, PARENTS AND TEACHERS, TECHNOLOGY WORKERS and ADVERTISERS.

Useful Online Resources:

Consider creating a Family Media Agreement to establish shared
practices for your tech usage in your house. [Direct link to a printable family agreement.]
• Use Mozilla’s Data Detox x Youth kit to make you or your child’s online
experience safer and more secure. [Direct link to the printable “empowerment” tools for you and your kids!]
• If you or someone you know is experiencing anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts, contact a licensed therapist or The National Alliance on Mental Health’s hotline here; https://www.crisistextline.org/.