The Weary World Rejoices: A 2020 Advent Devotional

Join Pastor Theresa for this 5 Day online devotional starting Monday, December 7th. ABOUT THE WEARY WORLD REJOICES: The Advent season typically brings joy and Christmas carols, but maybe this year has been hard for you. In this 5-day plan, you’ll discover how those present at the nativity scene responded to God in the midst … [Read more…]

Online Devotional: Enemies of the Heart

Just as a physically unhealthy heart can destroy your body, an emotionally and spiritually unhealthy heart can destroy you and your relationships. This is critically important during this time, that we search our own hearts and prepare for a Jesus response out of love. In this five day devotional, Andy Stanley helps us look within … [Read more…]

Online Devotion with Pastor Theresa: Better Than Normal Normal means that we uphold a popular standard, yet earth is filled with billions of people who are unique and diverse. Often, normal is the preferred place to “live,” but truly, it’s not always healthy. In this Plan, we’ll study God’s Word about how to go beyond normal living and make changes so that … [Read more…]

Online Devotional: The Dreamers

Explore the story of Jacob’s children, particularly Joseph in Egypt. Read about Joseph’s dreams, the treachery of Jacob’s sons against their brother, and his struggles in Egypt before ascending to power. Join Pastor Theresa for this daily devotional. Do it when it’s convenient for you! Starts August 17th, but you can begin anytime you like! … [Read more…]